środa, 23 marca 2011

BattleSea rose from the ashes!

We proudly inform you that the new version of BattleSea has been just released on Android Market. The new version is and contains bug fixes for the errors reported by you via Android Market and some other ones found by us. This version introduces new function which is screen sleep prevention during the game - you grumbled that when the screen sleeps the game state is gone - from now on the game won't let the screen to go to sleep.


5 komentarzy:

  1. Hello!

    I'm install you app "BattleSea" and it's Very nice!

    I play several games and find some bugs... i think you must konown about they:

    1) Game & game status not save with incoming call.
    2) At the beginning of the game and placing vessels using drag and throw it difficult to deploy a ship at 90 degrees
    3) If we use the random placement of ships, and then some kiddle to another location, they often fly out of bounds and / or duplicated. Resulting in a one vessel to be installed in the field
    4) During the game when an enemy ship shot down completely around it can make cells more dark color that would go no longer shoot (this can be optional)

    p.s. HTC Desire S / Android 2.3.3 / BattleSea ver.

  2. please add 1280x720 resolution

  3. Jest opcja gry przez wifi, czy laczenie przez bluetooth jest duzo trudniejsze do zaprogramowania ?
    Przeciez to gra stricte dla 2 osob mysle ze zrobilaby duzo wieksza kariere z mozliwoscia grania przez BT

  4. Generalnie ok, ale ...
    ... "inteligencja" komputera zdecydowanie za wysoka. 3 - 4 statki trafiane przez kompa w jednej turze to lekka przesada chyba.