czwartek, 28 kwietnia 2011

Jamendo Player reached 1.0!

Today, a new version of open-source Jamendo Player has been released!

First released in 2009, the current version has been with us for a while. It lacked support a bit and staled for a moment but this situation is no more! Recent maintenance updates have removed several major and minor annoyances our users reported.
For last few weeks we have been also working on new features and tweaks we think you'll find useful!

The brand new 1.0* version brings among others:
  • Fast forward and reverse: just touch and hold << and >> buttons
  • Gestures!
  • Shuffle/repeat playlists
  • Added scrobbling to Last.FM using Simple Last.FM Scrobbler
  • Downloaded files long-press options
  • Support for Jamendo website review and share clicked from browser
  • Moving application to SD card
  • Scrolling of long titles

and more.

Translators and native speakers! Our French translation needs update and we are keen on getting this player translated to new languages. Send your email to Thanks!

More info and binary versions you can find on our Github wiki:


This release abandons support for Android 1.5 (Cupcake) as some of new and planned features are not available on this platform. For those of you who are still sitting on this one, we deliver latest 0.9 (see link at bottom).

The 0.9.x version will not have new features developed but major issues shall still be fixed for at least until end of June (please send your reports to

Have fun!

* Latest 0.9.x version available at: