wtorek, 24 listopada 2009

Late November Jamendo Update (v 0.9.8)


Teleca Poland is happy to announce updated version of Jamendo Player for Android Platform.

List of changes:
  • New shiny UI for Player and Home Screen
  • Support for donut and eclair
  • Personalization option in settings (fetches your playlist and starred albums from server)
  • Various bugfixes

Stay tuned!

wtorek, 3 listopada 2009

BattleSea v0.9.8.1 released

Hi All,

Today a new fixed version of BattleSea was published. There was a bug that prevented from playing more than one game and it has been solved.

Have fun!

poniedziałek, 2 listopada 2009

Ring Mode Toggler Widget released!

Hi Folks,

Today we published our new widget. It's small and simple but very useful. Enables the user to toggle between ringer modes with just one click. From now on there is no need to lunch any additional screen to toggle on/off Silent or Vibrate mode. Just use our widget and do it faster then ever.

Here is how it looks:


środa, 2 września 2009

BattleSea v0.9.8 - quick update

As fast as we released v0.9.7 we released v0.9.8. What we have fixed is one irritating bug related to the application lifecycle. Now everything should be fine with this.


BattleSea v0.9.7 released!

Hi Everyone!
New version of BattleSea has been just released to the Market. The biggest improvement is a brand new multiplayer mode for LAN networks. Now one can play with his friends within the same network. Due to many problems reported on the SMS mode it has been removed.


środa, 26 sierpnia 2009

Battleships became BattleSea

Due to some trademarks restrictions we were made to rename Battleships and publish it as BattleSea. We hope that it is not a problem for anybody who really cheers on this game.

There are two changes in v0.9.6 regarding v0.9.5 of Battleships:

1. Polish localization is introduced
2. In-game menu has been added - now during the game, pressing the menu button one can turn on/off sounds and vibrations.


czwartek, 28 maja 2009

Jamendo Player available in the Android Market!

After over a month of silence Teleca Poland proudly presents a brand new Jamendo Player for the Android Platform.

Jamendo is a major shift in the music distribution giving more rights to musicians and listeners. We are happy to participate in this change by delivering Jamendo Catalog to your phone.

List of features:
  • Intuitive UI allowing easy navigation through Jamendo Catalog (about 20k albums available for free)
  • Streaming music and radios, checking the most popular songs
  • Viewing reviews, discography and donating to the artist
  • Downloading songs and albums to SD Card
  • Organizing playlists, favorites
  • Sharing music recommendation with friends over an SMS
  • Playback in the background
  • Integration with the notification system
  • Jamendo.com links handling (similar to YouTube application)
  • Last.fm scrobbling (optional)
We plan to add more functionalities in the future and hope you like this new application :)

piątek, 10 kwietnia 2009

Battleships: Will I be charged for SMS text messaging?

This question is asked by many of you via e-mails. We think it is good to clarify it here: whether you will be charged for your text messages or not depends on your tariff plan. So, we cannot simply say - yes you will be charged or no you won't be charged. The best is just to check it with your operator. But remember - SMS mode sends text messages to communicate with other player. There is one message for deployment, one message per single shot plus two messages to establish the connection.

Video tutorial for Armageddonoid posted!

"Armageddonoid" is another application we did in spare time. Remember Terminator 2 movie? Remember the game young Connor was playing when T1000 found him? Now it's available on your G1 for free.

Battleship: 0.9.5 is out now!

It's about time for the update of the Battleships. Lots of people have downloaded this game from app market. Lots of comments were posted and sent to our mailbox. So here it is - improved and fixed version of this tiny game that you seem to like!

What is changed/fixed in this release:
  • AI is a little bit modified (it was not cheating before, it was just using pure random algorithm, actually the same algorithm was used for random ship deployment)
  • SMS text messaging multiplayer mode is improved (still not great, but shouldn't force close now)
  • Multiplayer window is rearranged (we hope you will like it)
  • Sounds volume works better now (one can hear the difference)
  • Instructions how to play are introduced into the application
  • On defeat your opponent's board with his ships is displayed
Make sure you uninstall any previous version and install this one!

Waiting for comments from you and Happy Easter :)

czwartek, 9 kwietnia 2009

Hi Everyone!

Greetings from Teleca Poland Android Team! Let's start with a little introduction - some of you may know our games (which you can download from App Market), but none of you know who we are. We work at Teleca Poland and as part of our work we created some Android apps and decided to share them with Android phones users. As for now we have two games - Battleships and Armageddonoid, but we are also working on some new cool projects.

So far we have been quite silent about our work - but from now on you will find information about our apps here. We also count on your feedback - don't hesitate to contact us. So, stay tuned for new updates!